Banner Image: A Visual History of Ironwood:<br/> 20 Years in 20 Photos

A Visual History of Ironwood:
20 Years in 20 Photos

Life at Ironwood

That old saying "a picture is worth a thousand words" might seem a bit overused in this day and age, especially since we are inundated with images all day long - everywhere from the media to our own devices and social media. But photos are essential to who we are - and visual imagery is still one of the most powerful ways through which we communicate. In reflecting on our twenty years as a company, we realize there are photos that help us tell our story, and why we Ironwoodians are committed to bringing medicines to patients in need. We invite you to take a look behind Ironwood's curtain to see what makes us the company we are today.

Life at Ironwood: Giving (and Getting) Back: A Story of Basketball and Drug Development

Life at Ironwood

Giving (and Getting) Back: Basketball and Drug Development

Participating in the annual Bio-Ball to support Special Olympics Massachusetts has quickly become a favorite Ironwoodian pastime. But it’s about more than just having fun playing basketball for a great cause; our spirit of camaraderie on the court is reflected in our everyday interactions, and we value the journey as much as the goal itself.

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Lessons in Entrepreneurship: Four Thank You Notes on the Occasion of Ironwood′s 20th Anniversary

Lessons in Entrepreneurship

Four Thank You Notes

Milestones can be a cause for celebration and often provide an important opportunity for reflection. On the occasion of our 20th anniversary, Ironwood co-founder Brian Cali shares four thank you notes addressed to some of the many people who have made getting to this milestone possible.

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Life at Ironwood: What Drives Innovation at Ironwood

Life at Ironwood

What Drives Innovation at Ironwood

At Ironwood, innovation is a way of life. We aren't afraid to ask big questions, follow a contrarian hypothesis, and take bold chances. We let the science lead us to research new therapeutic areas or classes of medicine. And innovation certainly isn't the sole province of R&D; everyone across the company pushes the boundaries of convention and strives for excellence.

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20 Years Young & Growing: How Ironwood Makes Long-Term Success an Everyday Habit

20 Years Young & Growing

How Ironwood Makes Long-Term Success an Everyday Habit

For our 20th anniversary, we're more focused on the next 20 years - and beyond. Ironwood's team make the company's long-term success an everyday habit through an ownership mindset, boundless collaboration and a shared goal.

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